Car Wreckers Melbourne

Melbourne residents, when it comes to wrecking your car, you can take it easy – Gold Car Removals will take care of everything! Over the years Gold Car Removals have earned the reputation for being the leading name in car wrecking – we offer first-class wrecking, car removal and offer instant cash for cars up to $19,999. With our experienced experts, you are guaranteed a superior car wrecking service that removes your unwanted car but pays you top cash in return.

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Why Choose Gold Car Removals For Car Wrecking

Many Melbourne car sellers will tell you that there are numerous advantages to choosing Gold Car Removals to wreck your car. As wreckers, we accept all types of vehicles in any condition. By buying cars ‘As Is’ you don’t have to go through the stress of repairing or refurbishing your vehicle in order to make it sellable. We see value in all parts of a car even if they are written off which is why we can offer our famous top cash for cars rates. In addition to this, all our services are completely free.

  • Free Car Wrecking
  • Free Car Recycling
  • Free Car Removal
  • Top Cash For Cars Up To $19,999
  • We Buy Cars ‘As Is’
  • Experienced Car Wreckers

Car Wreckers Melbourne

Why Choose A Car Wrecker Over Dumping Your Vehicle In A Landfill?

For those who don’t know about cash for cars companies like Gold Car Removal, it is understandable to think that nobody would ever want to pay money for your damaged, wrecked or old car. But rather than pay to have your car towed and delivered to a landfill, you can now be paid in top cash and have it towed free of charge by Gold Car Removals. Not only is our hi-tech car recycling system eco-friendly, but you will also receive up to $19,999.

  • We are eco-friendly
  • Avoid towing fees
  • Guaranteed sale of your vehicle
  • No wastage or harmful wrecking practices that could damage the environment

How We Pay The Best Cash For Cars Rates In Melbourne

Our famously high cash for cars rates is largely due to 2 reasons. Firstly, we believe in honest cash offers that never leave car sellers low-balled. We are passionate about car sellers getting the price for their car that they deserve and always make them our priority. Secondly, our car appraisals are accurate and consider many ways a car will hold a value which is largely thanks to its scrap metals.

How Does Cash For Cars Work?

Gold Car Removals offers a free car wrecking, removal and recycling service that is designed for maximum ease. Car sellers need only to make a single phone call and then book a day and time to have their car removed. With highly flexible availability you don’t have to stress over fitting us into your schedule – we can come when it suits you best. On top of this, we take less than an hour to complete everything.

    1. Call Us For A Quote – Our ‘Instant Quotes’ can be provided over the phone within minutes. All you need to do is give us details about your vehicle. We will ask about such things as your car’s condition, make and model, its size, weight and its odometer reading.
    2. Book Your Car Removal – Simply tell us when and where and we’ll be there on time, ready to help.
    3. Get Paid – With ease we’ll take care of all the paperwork which we provide and within minutes will buy your car in top cash before towing it away.

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