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Recent Cash for Trucks Melbourne

1998 Isuzu


Removal Time: 30min

Payment to Customer: 30min

More Details

Dean contacted Gold Car Removals to see if we could beat a written quote on his unwanted 1998 Isuzu Truck. Not only did we match the written quote, we smashed it! We collected the unwanted vehicle in 1 hour from Melbourne and Dean got paid $5200 instantly.

2003 Hino


Removal Time: 1 hour

Payment to Customer: 1hr

More Details

Hyunh called Gold Car Removals to see how much he could her for his scrap 2003 Hino truck. He had several quotes for under $7000. We smashed all written quotes and paid Hyunh $7600 for his old Hino Truck. We collected the truck in under 1 hour from Melbourne and EFT transferred Hyunh his money on the spot.

2004 Fuso


Removal Time: 2 hours

Payment to Customer: 2hrs

More Details

Dinesh contacted us in January to see how much he could get for his unwanted Fuso truck. Dinesh showed us 5 quotes he already received. We wasted no time to smash those quotes out of the water. We paid Dinesh a whopping $14,000 for his damaged Fuso truck, same day free collection and on-the-spot EFT payment to Dinesh.

That’s the Gold Car Removals difference.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Mission

Cash For Trucks Melbourne : Without trucks, the world would stop turning. Thanks to trucks, businesses all around the world are supplied with important goods. From shopping malls to restaurants to even schools. It can be easy to take for granted how important they are to millions everywhere. As powerful as these machines are, they are not impervious to breakdowns, accidents or simply becoming old.

So who do you call to have your truck removed when it is no longer wanted? Gold Car Removals offer free truck removals and offer the highest cash for Trucks Melbourne up to $79,999.

Premium Truck Removal Service You Deserve

At Gold Car Removals, we strive every day to bring Melbourne a world-class truck removal service. Our highly competitive cash for trcks Melbourne rates are only one part of our leading service. We place your satisfaction and convenience as our top priority. We provide a customised service that best suits your needs and it doesn’t matter what condition your truck is in. We are more than ready to handle it.

We offer:

  • Unwanted truck removals
  • Damaged truck removals
  • Scrap truck removals
  • Accident truck removals
  • Old truck removals
  • Wrecked truck removals

No truck is too damaged, too big or too small for us. With our highly experienced experts and state-of-the-art equipment, we can handle any removal that comes our way.

Eco-Friendly Truck Removal Melbourne

It is a common myth that the only way to remove your broken down truck is to have it towed to a landfill. This is not recommend for several reasons. Firstly, dumping a vehicle onto a landfill is extremely harmful to the environment. Secondly, towing your truck can cost a lot of money.

With Gold Car Removals you can ditch the towing costs and get paid top cash instead. On top of this. We have a world class recycling facility. Which means your truck disposal will be done in an environmentally friendly way.

Selling Your Truck Has Never Been Easier

Step 1: Contact Us


Call us or fill out the quote form for an instant quote. Simply tell us the details of your car and our team will provide an instant quote.

Step 2: Schedule Your Truck Removal


 You can book us any day and time that suits you best. We value your convenience and know that you probably lead a busy life, so we are famously flexible with scheduling our truck removals to suit our customers’ needs.

Step 3: Receive Top Cash Payment


 Next, our Cash for Trucks Melbourne team will come to tow your vehicle. In under an hour your truck will be removed, and you will be paid in top cash up to $79,999! That’s all it takes – 3 simple steps – and you’ll be all smiles with your top cash payment.

Sit Back And Relax – Gold Car Removals Can Take It From Here

At Gold Car Removals, our expert service has one clear focus. Making sure you get an honest and reliable service that fulfils all your truck removal needs. Our mission is to provide you with the highest paying service in Melbourne while also removing all hassles and stress which can often come with selling your truck.

  • Make truck sellers’ needs our priority.
  • Offer a stress-free truck removal service in Melbourne.
  • Have Melbourne’s top truck removal experts who will ensure everything goes without a hitch.
  • Provide all the needed paperwork.
cash for trucks melbourne

Remove Your Truck for Free AND Get Paid without Giving Up Your Time

In a few simple steps, your truck can be bought by Gold Car Removals and removed for free. We complete truck removals in under an hour. This is possible thanks to an exceptional team of professionals and our 3-Step process. Our flexible scheduling means you can have your truck removed right now if you wanted! We will come to you whenever is most convenient for you.

1. Contact Us For A Quote: Our accurate truck appraisals are instant and all we need is some relevant details about your truck such as its condition, make and model. Within seconds, you’ll have a top cash quote ready.

2. Free Truck Removal: This is as simple as telling us when and where to collect the truck.

3. You Get Paid on-the-spot: We will come to your premises to remove your truck, not before paying you on-the-spot up to $79,999.

Gold Car Removals offers you a streamlined way of removing your truck for top cash.

How to Sell Your Junk Truck for Maximum Value?

Simply by finding the right buyer, you can ensure that you maximise your profit.

That’s why we simplify the whole truck selling process with our Price Beat Guarantee. We don’t mess around. We consistently offer the best cash for your car, guaranteed. If we can’t beat another written quote, then we pay you $50!

That’s the Gold Car Removals difference.

What Happens To My Truck After I Sell It To You For Cash?

Gold Car Removals is the eco-friendly way of removing and disposing of your truck. We dismantle, reuse, recycle and refurbish vehicles so that there is no waste.

Our fully licensed car recycling process is an environmentally sound alternative to landfills. We value every part of your truck which is why we are able to offer such impressive cash for trucks melbourne offers.

How Do We Offer Such High Cash For Trucks Rates?

Our reputation for providing impressive cash for trucks Melbourne offers is due to 2 reasons:

1) Honesty & Transparency: we believe in providing honest quotes to truck sellers so that they can get the price that they deserve.

2) Expertise: our qualified experts understand the value of trucks and so can guarantee an accurate cash quote. There are many parts of your truck that are valuable including its precious metals, the tyres, the air conditioning system, the engine, the radio system and more.

What Information Do I Need To Provide For An Instant Quote?

When performing our honest truck appraisals there are several factors that we will likely consider in order to provide an appraisal that is as accurate as possible.

Apart from the vehicle make, model, age, weight, odometer reading and condition, we also require that truck seller provide us with proof of ownership. This can be the title to the truck or other proof such as registration papers or other relevant documents.

Very happy with the service. They were quick and very fair and professional. I Was happy with deal made and they were very trustworthy in payment. I’d definately use them again and highly recommend this removal service. Thankyou

Shane Foxwell

Would highly recommend Gold Cars Removals as we had an MK Triton removed from our premesis. They provided exceptional customer service and a quick and professional exchange. Honestly after researching the market Gold Cars Removal offered the best cash for cars Melbourne! We would highly recommend to anyone!
Leigh-Elizabeth Cairns

Great to deal with. They traveled a LONG way to pick up my car. Fair pricing and genuinely good people.
Duncan Davies

Highly recommended Gold Car removal cash for cars in Melbourne, I got rid of my previous Mitsubishi Magna for the highest offer among other services.
Dilshan Rajapakshe

Needed to get rid of an old car. Very nice man was outside my house within an hour and paid me on the spot. Very pleasant interaction, no stress.
Patrick Sheppard

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