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    cash for cars Melbourne-cash for cars

Do you want to sell your old cars for cash and get free car removal? Gold Car Removal offer cash for cars Melbourne wide. Why we because you want to sell it the quickest way and easy? So you have come to the right place. Gold Car Removal specialises in buying and cars for cash cash for cars Melbourne with instant cash. And genuinely have the best rates in Melbourne. Because paying up to an unparalleled $9999 ETF cash. We believe car sellers should be able to sell their cars for the price. So they deserve without the hassle that can often come in the process.

We offer same-day car removals and can be at your door anytime. anywhere. Did we mention that when you sell your cars for us. all car removals are free of charge?

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Spoil Yourself With Instant Cash for Your Car cash for cars cash for cars Melbourne, Thanks To Gold Car Removals

Sometimes the best thing to do is to spoil yourself. With Gold Car Removals you can sell your unwanted car for instant cash up to $9999. So that you can spoil yourself or your family with an early payday. When you sell your car to us. So you can skip the hassle and go straight to your car being removed. And being paid the best cash for cars rates in Melbourne. We offer same-day free car removal by highly qualified professionals. If you want fast cash now at a highly competitive rate. Gold Car Removals is here to make that happen for you.

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Our Mission

Gold Car Removals’ mission is to be the car removal service that Melbourne-goers can always count on. This means a high-quality service that is time-efficient, honest and always puts you first. We are passionate about allowing car sellers to sell and remove their car without hassle or stress and so that’s exactly what we do every day!

How Cash For Cars Works

Cash for cars was created as a convenient and fast way of selling your car for cash. Gold Car Removals takes this a step further by offering the highest instant cash rates in Melbourne as well as a service that generally takes under an hour to complete. With our simple process, it’s no wonder that thousands of happy customers are choosing Gold Car Removals to sell their cars.

Step 1: Call Us

Call us on the phone for an instant quote. All you need to do is tell us the details of your car and our team will provide an accurate quote for you.

Step 2: Schedule Your Car Removal

You can book us whatever day and time suits you best. We value your convenience and know that you probably lead a busy life, so we are famously flexible with scheduling our car removals to suit our customers’ needs.

Step 3: Receive Top Cash Payment

Next, our team will come to tow your vehicle. In under an hour your car will be removed, and you will be paid in top cash up to $9999! That’s all it takes – 3 simple steps – and you’ll be all smiles with your top cash payment.

Cash for Cars Melbourne

What Happens To My Car After I Sell It To You For Cash?

Gold Car Removals is the eco-friendly way of removing and disposing of your car. We dismantle reuse, recycle and refurbish vehicles so that there is no waste. Our fully licensed car recycling is an environmentally sound alternative to landfills. We value every part of your car which is why we are able to offer such impressive cash for cars offers.

How Do We Offer Such High Cash For Cars Rates?

Our reputation for providing impressive cash for cars offers is due to 2 reasons. The first is honesty – we believe in providing honest quotes to car sellers so that they can get the price that they deserve. The second is because our qualified experts understand the value of cars and so can guarantee an accurate cash quote. There are many parts of your car that are valuable including its precious metals, the tyres, the air conditioning system, the engine, the radio system and more.

What Information Do I Need To Provide For An Instant Quote?

When performing our honest car appraisals there are several factors that we will likely consider in order to provide an appraisal that is as accurate as possible.


Apart from the above-mentioned information, we also require that car seller provide us with proof of ownership. This can be the title to the car or other proof such as registration papers or other relevant documents.

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