Top 3 Tips to Get Maximum Cash for Your Junk Car in Melbourne

Posted on 24th, Jan 19

Your junk car doesn’t have to be a total loss. So, the frame’s pretty badly damaged and the engine is a total bust? You can still get cash for your junk car as there’s still value left in its scrap metals. The way to get maximum cash for your junk car is to be savvy with the car

How to Sell Your Junk Car for Maximum Value?

1. Act Fast – Don’t Put Off Selling Your Car

Junk cars will deteriorate rapidly if left neglected. Once a car is left untouched for months or years, it starts to lose value pretty quickly. So, you, the car owner, need to act fast. Sell your junk car as soon as you possibly can to make the most of the situation and get some cash.

Junk Cars Melbourne

2. Don’t Invest Any Money in Getting the Car Sold

It makes no sense for you to put in any money to get your junk car sold. A scrap car that doesn’t run should be sold and disposed of without incurring any selling expenses. So, what you need is a reliable buyer like Gold Car Removals. We offer free car removals for Sydney car sellers, so when you have an undriveable car on your hands, you can contact us to get a top cash offer for it, plus a free towing as well. So, selling your scrap or junk car without wasting money on things such as towing fees is the smart thing to do to maximise your profit.

3. Find the Right Buyer

This is perhaps the most important tip. Who you sell your junk car to will determine whether you have a quick, stress-free and pleasant experience or one that’s peppered with problems from start to finish. For instance, if the buyer backs out in the last minute, does not arrive at the agreed upon time to inspect the car or defaults or delays on payment, then you’ll be left following up with them everyday to close the sale. That’s time, money and effort wasted on your part to sell your junk car.

What you need is a car buyer who’s reliable, experienced and can guarantee a smooth sale without any delays or challenges. At Gold Car Removals, we provide Sydney car sellers with same day car removals and sales, meaning, with us as your car buyer, you can have your junk car sold, removed and get cash in hand, all within an hour! Now that’s fast, reliable and efficient service.

If you want to get rid of your junk car fast, get in touch with Gold Car Removals today. We provide car valuations over the phone. Give us details of your vehicle and we’ll give you a quote – over the phone!

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